Growing the inner, outer !

Growing the inner, outer !

Open World: The Open Sourcing of Everything

Published on Dec 9, 2013

Essentially, open source software is software that allows users to inspect, change and share the source code of the program. Instead of passive consumers of a program, users become part of a community to which they can choose to contribute if they are capable and inclined. The difference from everyday consumer culture, where shoppers simply line up to buy products that are already in their final form, and it is almost never expected that shoppers will actually try to open up or modify those products.


Elon Musk Reveals ‘Iron Man’ Tech for Rocket Design | Video

Published on Sep 6, 2013

Watch billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk pull a Tony Stark as he reveals the future of rocket design, an interactive ‘Iron Man’-like computer interface that uses gestures.

I have yet to put the words needed for this blog together, I am publishing, as I believe you will kinda see where I am going with this. Where we are in this present day, is counterproductive, and obsolete, along with today’s understandings and institutions. This is my attempt to remedy that,  through the advent of the internet, modern day new age technologies, and revised philosophies of mans understandings of self, it shall be easy.

Joseph DeSimone: What if 3D printing was 100x faster?

Published on Mar 19, 2015

What we think of as 3D printing, says Joseph DeSimone, is really just 2D printing over and over … slowly. Onstage at TED2015, he unveils a bold new technique — inspired, yes, by Terminator 2 — that’s 25 to 100 times faster, and creates smooth, strong parts. Could it finally help to fulfill the tremendous promise of 3D printing?

The FlashForge Creator and the practicalties of 3D printing at home


For the last week, I’ve been living with a 3D printer – one of the cheapest on the market: the Flashforge Creator Dual. After 30 or so prints, I’ve discovered some of the foibles of home 3D printing, and some of the work-arounds. Is this a glimpse into the future of home fabrication, or a niche hobby piece? Grab some hairspray (seriously) and dive in as Gizmag reviews the FlashForge Creator 3D and, more importantly, takes a detailed look at the practicalities of 3D printing at home.

The basic facts: A 3D printer is a computer-driven device that makes objects out of a supplied material; in this case, plastic. The printer melts the plastic in a heater and pushes the liquid plastic out a metal nozzle onto a plate, where the plastic quickly hardens into a solid. The printer builds up plastic layer by layer to create solid objects. Since the process is completely under computer control, just about any shape can be created. This type of 3D printing is called Fused Deposition Modeling, or FDM. There are other types of 3D printers that use powders or liquids, and use lasers or spray glue to fuse the material together.

The 3D Printing Revolution

The impossible 3D Print v2

Published on Feb 19, 2013

This is a quadruple bearing that rotates on each other. Printed at 150 micron / 0.15mm per layer on the UP Plus 3D Printer from 3DPrintingSystems.com
Thanks to Idea Beans for the awesome design http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:51806
Let me know if you can print it out on your 3D Printer?

Mebotics’ Microfactory combines 3D printer and milling machine

! ! ! A A A mill and print


Not content with the quality of parts made from 3D printers, and frustrated by the noise and mess created by milling machines, startup Mebotics has designed and built a machine that is both a 3D printer and computer-controlled milling machine at once. And because it’s enclosed and can be connected to a vacuum cleaner, the company claims that mess is put to bed, too. Mebotics has turned to crowd-funding to bring the Microfactory (for that’s its name) to market.

This video is public.

Where’s Your Line in the Sand?

KESHE, Dynamic Metaphrand Magnetic Shielding – YouTube.flv

Privately Owned Nuclear Weapons!?!?

Free Energy – Brian O’Leary (Excerpt from THRIVE Movie)

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