WAR ON SYRIA, NOT SO COVERT ! update; Why Syria:

 American terrorist

57 Years Ago: U.S. and Britain Approved Use of Islamic Extremists to Topple Syrian Government

Have the U.S. and Its Allies Intentionally Balkanized Syria Into Smaller Regions?

BBC reports that – in 1957 – the British and American leaders approved the use of Islamic extremists and false flag attacks to topple the Syrian government:

Nearly 50 years before the war in Iraq, Britain and America sought a secretive “regime change” in another Arab country… by planning the invasion of Syria and the assassination of leading figures.

Newly discovered documents show how in 1957 [former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom] Harold Macmillan and President Dwight Eisenhower approved a CIA-MI6 plan to stage fake border incidents as an excuse for an invasion by Syria’s pro-western neighbours, and then to “eliminate” the most influential triumvirate in Damascus.

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While sanctioning and demonizing Syria publicly on a global scale, America is also training, supplying, and now, arming their rebel forces against Assad and Syria.

(CBS News) WASHINGTON — Since late last year, the CIA has been training small numbers of Syrian rebels at secret bases in Turkey and Jordan, CBS News has confirmed.

The training has included the use of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, which have been provided by Arab countries, and which the rebels say they badly need to counter the firepower of the Syrian army.

So far, you’d have to say the training hasn’t succeeded, since in the past several weeks, the tide of battle has turned in favor of the government forces.

Syria Terror Conference – Gordon Duff Criminal Context!

Terrorism War on Humanity

Why Syria ??

The Truthseeker: World War 3, Greater Israel & Real Axis of Evil

Manufacturing Dissent: The Truth About Syria

Russian foreign minister: Mixed U.S. signals could derail Syria peace conference
Watch: Joint military exercises in Jordan send signal to Assad
Obama: “Very easy to slip-slide” into deeper Syrian involvement

The vicious conflict began more than two years ago when rebels rose up against the dictatorship of Bashar Assad. More than 90,000 people have been killed, and more than a million have been forced from their homes.

The White House announced last week that it would supply military support to the rebels seeking to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. The announcement came after the administration concluded the regime used chemical weapons against the rebels.

Geneva Tension: Syrian warring sides fail to find common ground

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UN chief trying to prevent Syrian FM from his speech during Geneva 2 Conf.

Assad Advisor Goes on Fiery Rant: You Think the U.S. Is Any More Democratic Than Syria?

video 64

In the current international negotiations over the Syrian conflict, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made it clear that current president Bashar al-Assad will not have a role in any new transitional government. So when Assad advisor Bouthaina Shaaban appeared on CNN Wednesday to react to the news, she went on a strong rant against Kerry, asking where he gets the right to tell the Syrian people who can and cannot be their leader. She suggested the shoe would never be on the other foot, called the U.S.’ stance “colonial,” and asked, “Do you think there’s real democracy in the United States when they deal with countries like this?”

Wolf Blitzer brought up some graphic pictures that appear to depict victims of the Assad regime, pictures obtained by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Shaaban fired back that “you really have to be in Syria to know who’s doing what,” not judging from a distance like, she said, Amanpour was doing. She called the accusations a “huge lie” meant to “create conflict” and undermine the Syrian government.

Shaaban called out “one man in the United States who’s misleading” about Syria, but when pressed by Blitzer, she said, “I’m not going to name him, everybody knows him.”

She encouraged the media to come to Syria so “you will find out for yourself who is the criminal; who is kidnapping people, who is raping people.” She insisted that “most of what’s circulated in the media has nothing to do with what’s in Syria.”

Watch the video, via CNN:

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Karen Hudes studied law at Yale Law School and economics at the University of Amsterdam. She worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. In 2007 Karen warned the US Treasury Department and US Congress that the US would lose its right to appoint the President of the World Bank if the current American President of the World Bank did not play by the rules.

[http://www.imf.org/external/np/cm/201… | http://kahudes.net/about-us/ |


“In July 2011, as the NATO and Gulf states’ destabilization operations against Assad in Syria were in full swing, the governments of Syria, Iran and Iraq signed an historic gas pipeline energy agreement which went largely unnoticed…” “This Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline would be the largest gas pipeline in the Middle East and would span from Iran’s gas-rich South Pars field to the Mediterranean coastline in Lebanon, via Iraq and Syria.

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Exposed: The ‘Assad Backs Al-Qaeda’ Myth

Iran, Saudis Agree: Other Side’s Fighters Need to Leave Syria

Non-Syrians Should Leave Unless They’re On the Right Side

by Jason Ditz, January 24, 2014

Everyone agrees that the big problem in the Syrian Civil War is all those pesky foreign fighters, and everyone agrees that a key step toward a solution would be the fighters who aren’t on their side should immediately go.

Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal was the first out of the gate, saying that Shi’ite militias from Lebanon and Iraq should be made to leave, via UN resolution if necessary. No mention was made of the huge armies of foreign Sunni Islamist fighters being bankrolled by the Saudis themselves.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s comment was a little less blatant, as he urged foreign fighters in general to leave, though with Iran openly supporting the aforementioned Shi’ite militias, the comments are clearly more centered around the Sunnis they’re fighting.

Iran’s version of the statement was non-specific enough that Jordan and Turkey, both backers of the Sunni side, were able to sign off on it unaltered, though likewise it is clear that for every nation the lesson is clear: foreign fighters who are on the other side should be leaving immediately, and their own side isn’t nearly as big of a problem.

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Staging the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

Published on Sep 19, 2013

In the wake of the Syrian chemical weapons attack, shocking footage of the victims of that attack were widely circulated in an effort to raise the ire of the public and spur support for military intervention. Now, a new report on that footage finds troubling inconsistencies and manipulation with the video that calls the official narrative of the attack and its victims into question. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

Obama, Clintons accused in Egypt of aiding terrorists

Documents leaked ahead of trial of Muslim Brotherhood leaders
Published: 14 hours ago
author-image Jerome R. Corsi About | Email | Archive
Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Who Really Killed Kennedy?”


NEW YORK – Two new, classifed documents leaked by Egyptian security implicate President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton in the aiding and abetting of terrorists.

The documents have been entered as evidence in the criminal trials of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders, scheduled to begin next month in Cairo.

Obtained by Arabic-speaking former Palestinian Liberation Organization-member Walid Shoebat and posted Thursday on his website, the two leaked documents provide evidence Egyptian security forces have monitored the movements and activities of Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, and his Islamic Dawa Organization, or IDO. The security forces also have kept an eye on the dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood of Essam El-Haddad, the father of Gehad El-Haddad, a senior adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States and a former employee of the William J. Clinton Foundation.

Malik Obama’s alleged terrorist ties

Shoebat referenced the publication of the leaked documents in Arabic by the Al-Masry Network in Egypt as evidence Malik Obama’s organization is the main sponsor of the effort to Islamize the Nuba area, Aswan and Luxor.

“The Aswan region is a territory in southeastern Egypt that borders northern Sudan, which includes a long stretch of the Nile River,” Shoebat wrote. “During the Mohammed Morsi regime, both Egypt and Sudan (under Omar al-Bashir) would have presented an opportunity to work toward the slow erasure of the border between the two nations. Such negotiations in Aswan would have predictably caused Egypt’s Security Forces great concern.”

Shoebat noted the Al-Masry report indicated that Malik Obama’s role with the Sudanese branch of IDO is much more significant than previously thought.

According to Shoebat’s translation from the original Arabic, the article says in part:

“Authorities within Egypt’s security apparatus have warned over the past two and a half years of the movements of the Islamic Dawa Organization (IDO), based in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, headed by businessman Kenyan owner Aboonju Obama (Malik), the elder brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, according to security authorities who are privy to the details of the investigation. One official said the organization and its president, a close friend of the President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir, support the Muslim Brotherhood with money, as well as the international organization of the group.”

Shoebat further notes the Al-Masry report suggested that Malik has headed not only the Kenyan branch of IDO but the Khartoum-based organization that is “overseen by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.” Malik Obama’s role allegedly includes assisting and regulating the global Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

In November, WND reported Egyptian lawyers had filed criminal terrorist charges in the International Criminal Court against President Obama in addition to the criminal terrorism charges previously filed in Egyptian courts against Malik Obama.

WND reported in August that Tehani al-Gebali, the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, gave a speech and participated in an interview broadcast on Egyptian television, identifying Malik Obama as “a major architect” managing investments for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

On Sept. 7, 2011, two years before the IRS targeting of conservative groups became a national scandal, WND reported the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt raising operated by Malik Obama in Kenya, appears to have received IRS approval one-month from the application submitted in May 2011. The IRS determination letter dated June 11, 2011, granted a highly irregular retroactive tax-exempt approval only after the group came under fire for operating as a 501(c)3 foundation since 2008 without ever having applied to the IRS for a tax determination.

“Malik Obama’s prominent role as Executive Director of the IDO, at minimum, implicates his brother in a serious conflict of interest matter relative to national security,” Shoebat said.

“That Malik was given illegal tax-exempt status by Lois Lerner may implicate his brother, President Barack Obama, as an accessory to terror funding, which is why Lerner should be granted immunity for her testimony,” he said. “So far, members of Congress who sit on such committees have shown no desire to do this.”

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