SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS, The Daily update Series: Nov, 9, 2013

SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS, The Daily update Series: Sep 28, 2013


4MIN News November 9, 2013: Satellite Falling, Storms, Spaceweather



4MIN News November 8, 2013: X1 Solar Flare, Ocean Rise Maps, GRAIL

C(Lie)mate #2 – CO2 & Solar Connection

5MIN News November 7, 2013: ISON Brightening! Solar Flares/Geomagnetics

5MIN News October 28, 2013: Solar Eruptions, Euro Storm

5MIN News October 27, 2013: Floods, Spaceweather, Linear Alive

5MIN News October 26, 2013: 7.1 Quake, X Flares, CMEs, Magnetic Storm Watch

3MIN News Ocotber 25, 2013: X Class Solar Flare

5MIN News October 24, 2013: Solar Flares Rising, WILL Continue

5MIN News October 23, 2013: Comet Explodes, Solar Eruptions to Impact Earth

No One is Watching

 – Dr. Sircus
We are within weeks of what may be humankind’s most dangerous moment and it is coming just as the greatest credit bubble in history is about to pop. Images of the movie Armageddon, with Bruce Willis, have been hanging like a cloud over me. In the movie, everyone on earth was watching to see if Willis would succeed in blowing up the incoming asteroid. If he and his team failed, everyone on earth was going to die so everyone was paying attention and praying for salvation.

The most dangerous situation humanity has ever faced is upon us and no one is watching. Only a few have reported on what is about to happen starting in November. The operation, to remove 400 tons of highly irradiated spent fuel beneath the plant’s damaged Reactor No. 4, could set off a catastrophe greater than any we have ever seen, independent experts warn. An operation of this scale, says plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company, has never been attempted before, and is wrought with danger.

5MIN News October 19, 2013: JPL Diagram Details – Comet Trajectory & Debris Scenario

3MIN News October 7, 2013: Fukushima, Giant Waves, Solar Awakening

MISC Links:
JAPAN Radiation Map:
RSOE: [That cool alert map I use]

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