“You’re not an African because you’re born in Africa. You’re an African because Africa is born in you. It’s in your genes…. your DNA….your entire biological make up. Whether you like it or not, that’s the way it is. However, if you were to embrace this truth with open arms….my, my, my….what a wonderful thing.” ~ Marimba Ani (via specialnights)
preach. (via lovelyandbrown)

The Real Eve Discovery Channel

That’s Chosen !!

Black Woman Eve Gene

by Stephen Oppenheimer

To say that we get exactly half of our DNA from our father and half from our mother is not quite true. One tiny piece of our DNA is inherited only down the female line. It is called mitochondrial DNA because it is held as a unique circular strand in small tubular packets known as mitochondria that function rather like batteries within the cell cytoplasm. Some molecular biologists say that, aeons ago, the mitochondrion was a free-living organism with its own DNA, and possessed the secret of generating lots of energy. It invaded single celled nucleated organisms and has stayed on ever since, dividing, like yeast, by binary fission. Males, although they receive and use their mother’s mitochondrial DNA, cannot pass it on to their children. The sperm has its own mitochondria to power the long journey from the vagina to the ovum but, on entry into the ovum, the male mitochondria wither and die. It is as if the man had to leave his guns at the door. read more: mtDNA

Origin Of White People, The Human Race Is One, White vs Black Is How The Elite Divide And Conquer Us

All DNA Traces Back to Original African Black Man and Woman,,


Embrace it !

The practice of using DNA in genealogy was started in 2000 by Family Tree DNA, a Texas-based group that is affiliated with the University of Arizona, where all its tests are performed. It now houses the largest database of DNA in the country, with more than 100,000 records…Tests can place a person’s genetics into one of several ancient migrations of humans from Africa. According to the National Geographic Web site, scientists call the common male ancestor “Adam” but point out that he was not literally the first male human. Instead, Adam, who lived in Africa 60,000 years ago, is the only male whose descendants survived to the present day. “It’s well-established science that we’re all related to the same black man and woman out of Africa about 200,000 years ago,” Miller said. “I’ve had some people get angry at me for telling them that in my DNA seminars. It’s a very touchy subject.”

Full article –

We Are All Black – Geneticist Bryan Sykes

Bryan Sykes MA PhD DSc, Chairman and Professor of Human Genetics, explains why America is a literal “melting pot,” and how all Americans share African genes (even Southern tyrants and other kkk types), as well as all other genes that are collectively shared by all humans. http://www.oxfordancestors.com/

Ancient Man and His First Civilizations



BLACK YOUTH Greece 300bc

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Cognitive Dissonance

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“The Invention Of The White Race” by Theodore W. Allen. Presentation by Jeffrey B. Perry

Precession of the Equinox/ Don’t forget to remember WHO YOU ARE!

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Everyone seeks facts, truth and confirmation. No one can really endure on blind faith or hopes. Throughout history, science has come up with new facts and supported it with evidence and proved it. When people believed that the earth was flat and the earth was the center of the universe, science disagreed, with evidence. But the general public was too scared to support those ideas, as the power of religion was greater at that time. Whoever disagreed with the religious beliefs and the belief in God was assumed as trying to attack religion and was put through terrible punishments. Copernicus and Galileo are some of the few that suffered at the hands of the Church for finding and telling the truth. Ask yourself this question, who is your mother? She comes to mind because you know who she is. Now who is your creator, God, Lord, Allah, Rabb, Jah, Yahweh? No exact image comes to mind.  One is fact and the other is fiction until confirmed. There is no limitation in finding facts when you compare religion to the scientific method of “Prove It.”

Energy coming from space and beyond!

Where did you come from? Your parents who came from theirs. That’s how its done with animals plants humans and the universe. Now the same question can be posed to religions. When people say a God does exist, it must mean that he physically exists. And if there is a physical god, he must be made up of some kind of material or particles like everything else. Maybe it is a supernatural particle we do not know about, but physical still. So where did that come from? It had to come from somewhere. How was god created in the first place? Yes he is supposed to be powerful and the ultimate force but where did that come from?

Negroid, Mongoloid, Caucasoid

Physically, we know ourselves very well. For example, our height and weight, the colors of our skin and hair, or the shape of our eyes. We also know for certain our place and date of birth, where we live, and what we do for a living. But this does not mean we know ourselves enough. More than that, We are required to recognize our own nature, character, habits, and personality. These qualities actually form our self-worth. Do you know there is a difference between who you are by nature and what you accept by nature, whether you are African, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Portuguese or Russian?  In this study we are referring to Africans.

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Read full article – The Millenium

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The mind reflects what its environment feed it, just as the body reflects the food you feed it. Have you ever thought what kind of person you would be had you grew up in some foreign country instead of that you are living now? What kind of food would you like? Would you preferences for clothing be the same? What kind of work would you be doing?  As a saying goes: “You are a product of your environment”. Mark it well. Environment shape us, makes us think the way we do. Try to name just one habit or one mannerism you have which you did not pick up from other people. Relatively minor things, like the way we walk, the way we talk, hold a cup; our preferences for music, literature, religion, entertainment and clothing – all seem in very large part from environment.

Read full article – The Millenium

Omec, Moor, Indigenous Negroids


Indigenous Negroids

The Origin

When the enormous monoliths were unearthed from Mexico, the sculptured images that were carved to form a 24-foot ton head from a single mass of basalt rock had been discovered. No one suspected this mysterious part of a civilization that only seems to have vanished. At the cultural paradox of this civilization – La Venta, eighteen miles from the Gulf of Mexico, four colossal heads were unearthed. The monoliths had been carbon dated. The results of carbon 14 testing of the stone heads found in Mexico caused a startling uproar amongst the archeological circles. Various additional testing were performed, however the earliest date that carbon 14 testing came up with regarding the stone images was the year 291 B.C. As more diggings were performed in Middle America, larger heads were discovered (24 tons – average sum of the weight). The new discoveries were even more mysterious for the colossal heads continued to turn up even earlier dates. Four heads in all were excavated at the city of La Venta with the largest head standing nine feet tall. Ancient Middle America civilization or ‘Meso-America’ antiquity is divided into three epochs: Archaic (before Christ), Classic (during the first thousands years A.D), and Post Classic (from one thousand A.D to the Spanish Conquest).

Read more:

UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: “Blacks” were the 1st Americans pt.1

40 years of Hip Hop by KRS-One:

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TERROR : Obama, Brzezinski and Africom!

black man painted



I believe the question we must ask ourselves, is do we fight fire with fire, or do we put it out altogether with water. If our answer is water, I believe we must only use the very simple tools given to us at birth to do so, our empathetic nature. It has dawned on me recently, that the institutions, systems, and ways of the Machine, that we have created and allowed for, all this time, seeks to destroy this empathetic nature that we posse, as they are aware of it’s power to thwart their efforts. What I am ultimately suggesting, is that we begin the process of changing what we value. I believe we value the wrong things the material, opposed to the more tangible human life and relationships, that are more vital to our survival than anything else, save air, water and food. I believe that this, EMPATHY is the water of revolution, the key to us finally ending the struggle and the mistakes of the past.

Dark skin, blue eyes: Genes paint a picture of 7,000-year-old European

Image: Hunter-gatherer

Pelopanton / CSIC
A progression of sketches shows how a 7,000-year-old man whose bones were left behind in a Spanish cave had the dark skin of an African, but the blue eyes of a Scandinavian. He was a hunter-gatherer who ate a low-starch diet and couldn’t digest milk well — which meshes with the lifestyle that predated the rise of agriculture. But his immune system was already starting to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Researchers found all this out not from medical records, or from a study of the man’s actual skin or eyes, but from an analysis of the DNA extracted from his tooth.

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February 13, 2012 at 3:05am

I dedicate this piece to my slaughtered brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone and those still enslaved for the pursuit of Blood Diamonds. I heard you calling my pen to bleed ink for you and I hope I did you justice. I love you all and you live in my heart and will never be forgotten.


In Sierra Leone…..it is said that the soil shimmers in crimson hues reflecting the blood of the slaughtered when            the sun rises. Bones… disintegrated into pebbles and stones…..decayed stench winds carrying lost souls of the innocent….dreams drowned in muddy ditches and shallow creeks for the pursuit of the most precious stone…..Diamonds

Legitimized rebels….the R.U.F

Invaded and viciously attacked villages and towns….burning homes to the ground….some still with whole trapped families inside

Fathers……stripped of their pride….and strength as the cowards broke their will to resist with closed fists and rifle whippings

An impatient machete served as the executioner for some and the maimed for others…..left to drown in their own anguish and smother….themselves in their own blood

Only To be Further tortured and beaten for pleasure at the hands of their once countrymen and brethren…making cruelty a leisure sport to which they created the rules and always won…

Sons…..the sons were given the option of death or bring death….kill or be killed

Children….became war mongers and ruthless foot soldiers at the age where flag football, basketball, playground   games and dirt bikes should have been their life

But instead….there was bloodshed till moonlight

Innocence and hesitation gave way to insanity as they were served coke by night and killing orders for breakfast

Deemed heroic body snatchers for heinous acts of P.O.W.s

Appointed Lieutenants and Generals during puberty in a war that could never respect….or..protect them

Brain washed free of childhood memories….love and families…all buried with their humanity in a grave of terror.

Mothers…..Mothers of the Earth treated like dirt and forced to become whores to every solider of war….penetrating her core….with no warmth just ravaged her, contaminating her soil and spoiling her fruit rotten….love forgotten…passed around like time for endless suffering with no savior or the favor…..of cleaning her up….NOBUT THEY FUCKED HER UP! Stole her reason to live and belief in prayers as they violated her in groups…quietly begging….them…..to just slay her.

Daughters…..at the age of 9….being penetrated from behind as they made to carry future seeds for their army….no white picket fence but made a trick as they served as pimps old enough to be their fathers….treated as mules with their back’s as saddles and made to carry supplies for miles…..robbed were their smiles and vacant were their eyes….giggles and laughs transformed to screams from stolen virginity…..they were suppose to be…playing with dolls, tea parties, dress up and baking things….a beautiful Queen in the making….awaiting her King.

But that day never came for many……10 years of government officials and world leaders turning more blind eyes than mice yet they wept for Jesus as the television, photos and survival stories depicted diamonds as the culprit.  More bloodshed……More diamonds!….MORE BLOODSHED…MORE DIAMONDS! MORE BLOODSHED….MORE DIAMONDS!!!…As the U.N. and benefactors posed as Peace Leaders watched the extinction of the people of Sierra Leone and Angola. Turning Nubian Kings into captors……Our daughters and sons into martyrs while Our mothers and fathers continued to be slaughtered And maimed. The dreams of voters severed just before election…..some were just blinded with fear others with proof….as the R.U.F made adults, teens, children and infants amputees by the thousands.

Greed in a world paved on the roads of madness and deprived of justice….the expense to turn a quick buck. Pushing this blood trapped in stone and calling it diamonds…more like rubies because with knowledge becomes clear sight and I can see….


Diamond bezel watches….u rockin crushed baby’s teeth around your wrist

Swag hella tight right….with that blinged out noose swinging lower than a chariot and a studded Jesus piece

No peace in that piece….just chaos and you are covered in it’s blood

And let’s not forget….Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

So marvel and boast about how your pretty ring finger has become a home for lost souls and those still enslaved….now you tell me…Is it worth the price paid????….Blood.

Written by ~Bee Barbara Trawick

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