TRUTH, The Start Line/Finish Line

 TRUTH, The Start Line/Finish Line

Truth hate speach

Stand in and on the TRUTH.

*A world bound in lies, fettered in deceit.  This has to stop*, there is no cute picture attached to this blog, as it is a plea, to My fellow Americans and the People of the world.
If you are conscious or not, you can see the world crumbling around you. As our days are filed with senseless deaths around the globe, a globe fashioned together by unsustainable dark age derived systems, senselessly held  into practice by greedy oligarchs, their dieing corrupted institutions, and well armed thug intelligence police departments .  In fact we have allowed them outright parasitic demolition of Mother Earth, along with UN-sufficient individual efforts, you and I both know, nothing good can come of this !
We must know that “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”.~Ancient Indian Proverb

Israel Can No Longer Be Redeemed – Morris

Malcolm X reminds us of The Price of Freedom

If we think anything of humanity, love ourselves, and seek to continue into a bright future, we must halt our current parasitic behaviors and ways. It’s obvious, our offspring wont be admonishing us, for our lack of forethought and foresight, as they will not be there to do so.
Many have given up on change, delegating that authority to leaders, that neither share our aspirations or ideals. Many are in waiting of a portal of light to open up, or the holy Christ to show up in the skies. Great no problem with that, save lets be ready. Lets be in the process, lets already have started the healing of our only planet and the only race, we know to be of tangible relevance, the human race.
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 The Truth of Today is Fettered in all Encompassing Zionist manacles of deceit

Why a Global Culling Now ?? Zbigniew Brzezinski Massive global political awakening


CrossTalk: Reluctant coalition

Published on Sep 29, 2014

Would an intervention into Iraq by the US be a smart move? Does the US intentionally create chaos in the region? How will Syria and the rest of the Middle East react to the latest US airstrikes against the Islamic State in a sovereign country? Will Washington gather enough support to start another military campaign in the Middle East? CrossTalking with Joe Lauria, Scott Rickard, and NadimShehadi.

A Dangerous Megalomaniac Psychosis – Michael Hoffman:

Zion ultimate goal: Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Tigris & Euphrates rivers – EyeOfDajjal


The Debate – Dubious Mission

 !  !  !  a   originally shared

All of our wise and knowledgeable scriptures and text, tell us how to live a life free from strife and complication, yet we follow none as we follow government policy witch are in direct conflict to these ways of living. Your government war’s all over the world, they allow starvation, as it interferes with their quest for more, more, more obsolete in 6 months goods. In the mean while they strap us with more debt or harsher forms of servitude. As they do this, our individual efforts to combat the atrocities, become more and more dispirit and futile.

Wright wasn’t wrong !!

The real sermon given by Pastor Wright:

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Church Tyrants

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               MJ was a Revolutionary !

Today it is not surprising to see, or hear, of people self emulating themselves (yes, setting themselves on fire), or going on hunger strikes. They have no other recourse and the numbers of us doing this is growing. Will we wait, until we can do nothing else but to pore gasoline on ourselves and strike a match ? Why should we ?
We can just say NO, NO MORE, enough of this Madness. Stand up as one, or and as many, stand up for whatever you believe in your heart, to be right, but do stand up ! the time is now, the hour is late, and your world is yours, as this world is ours. The few should no longer, live off the backs of the many, all the while raping and pillaging mother earth as if they have some where else to go ! Maybe they do, the question is, do you ? The Truth being The Light and The Way, lets start there.

Prisons are NOT Part of the Natural Order

Published on May 26, 2014

Dan Piper speaks at the Hartford 24/05/2014 at the rally in support of “Jane Doe.” Tells a surprising history of prisons in America.


Unfettered Truths:

-The Deception of israel | Shaykh Imran Hosein:

-Wake Up – All of the Abrahamic religions today were pieced together in Rome – Shocking! Evidence the ‘Vatican’ Is Behind Writing ‘Quran’:

-It’s time to wake up now

-Ray Hagins: It’s time to wake up now!

-Shakka Ahmose Exposes Imam Bashir, Wesley Muhammad & ISLAM!:

Ukraine Russia And Zionists Already Involved – Joaquin

 –Larry Silverstein 9/11 Insurance Fraud “Trial” Begins In New York

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