We The people, 4TH and 5TH Estate

You are the Fourth Estate Stay Informed

The Fourth Estate (or fourth power) is a societal or political force or institution whose influence is not consistently or officially recognized. “Fourth Estate” most commonly refers to the news media; especially print journalism or “the press”. Thomas Carlyle attributed the origin of the term to Edmund Burke, who used it in a parliamentary debate in 1787 on the opening up of press reporting of the House of Commons of Great Britain.[1] Earlier writers have applied the term to lawyers, to the British queens consort (acting as a free agent, independent of the king), and to the proletariat. The term makes implicit reference to the earlier division of the three Estates of the Realm.


Journalist admits to misleading public.

PEOPLE WAKING UP! Message to All Ferguson Protesters: SHUT THE MEDIA DOWN!


Published on Nov 29, 2014

#RiseAgainstTheMedia It’s time to run the media OUT! NOTE: I am not condoning violence. Just utilize your free speech and heckle the media as much as you can.

Be the Change

Be the Change


Corruption, Lies, Threats, and Journalism in Mexico


How to Film a Revolution a tutorial:


! ! ! A The Trans-Pacific Partnership

10 Rules for Dealing with Police


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Anonymous Message Recording the Police Is Necessary


What Is Change Media University?

CMU is an educational resource for today’s changing media landscape, a online journalism school without the burden of debt or outdated ideas and curriculum.


Fourth Estate


It’s Time the People use Alternate Means of production, giving weight to a more Natural Law.

The Grand Jury is the fifth estate, a power the People reserved unto themselves at the founding of this nation to serve as the fifth and ultimate balance of power against government abuse. It can be a powerful tool to Defend America from all other estates, provided the People are educated as to its true purpose and reclaim its powers unto themselves.

Officer Pantaleo indicted for the murder of Eric Garner


Published on Dec 6, 2014

Breaking News – December 8th 2014 – Fifty Common Law Grand Juries filed Presentments indicting Code Enforcement Officer Pantaleo for the murder of Eric Garner in the United States District Court for the Southern District of NY: Read the Presentment HERE – http://nationallibertyalliance.org

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St. Louis People’s Grand Jury Indicts Darren Wilson


Published on Jan 8, 2015

Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Glen Ford says community-organized events like this could be a possible model for exposing mass Black incarceration state on a national scale


“Good jurors nullify bad laws” – Campaign to promote jury nullification hits Washington D.C.


This utterly corrupted government and the systems that support it are not going to fix themselves. We must rise to the responsibility of our human condition, of freedom as we know it should be today, or slump to new lows of servitude.

Open Letter To The Revolutionaries


We don’t have to accept the status quo. We deserve better, and to get there we need to MAKE it happen for ourselves via our votes, our resources and our benevolent energies combined. The governments around the planet are powerless as long as we are unified in love. On twitter @AmaterasuSolar

! ! ! anonymous U save U

Red Beckman 7 – Truth About Grand Juries


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The People may rely upon The Grand Jury, when public officials, including judges, criminally violate the Law:

The Fourth Branch of Government

We the people have been providentially provided legal recourse to address the criminal conduct
of persons themselves entrusted to dispense justice. In the Supreme Court case of United States
v. Williams, 112 S.Ct. 1735, 504 U.S. 36, 118 L.Ed.2d 352 (1992), Justice Antonin Scalia,
writing for the majority, confirmed that the American grand jury is neither part of the judicial,
executive nor legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the people. It is in effect
a fourth branch of government “governed” and administered to directly by and on behalf of the
American people, and its authority emanates from the Bill of Rights.
Thus, citizens have the unbridled right to empanel their own grand juries
and present “True Bills” of indictment to a court,
which is then required to commence a criminal proceeding.
Our Founding Fathers presciently thereby created a “buffer” the people may rely upon for justice,
when public officials, including judges, criminally violate the law.
Grand Jury Scales

Jury Nullification vs. The Drug War: NJ Weedman on His Unlikely Marijuana Acquittal


Published on Sep 4, 2013

“I should be 10 months into a 10-year prison sentence,” says Ed Forchion aka NJWeedman. “The only reason I’m standing here is because I happened to know about jury nullification. And I used it.”

! ! ! A The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Decades of Deception


A they lied

Mother of Cary Ball, Shot 21 times by Cops in St Louis tells Black People’s Grand Jury 


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! ! ! A A A Americans stil trust gov ding

How to Publish a Book Anonymously

Many famous authors have published works under a pen name (or “nom de plume”) for various reasons. Some authors publish under a predetermined, contrived name because they value their privacy; enjoy choosing a new identity or name; dislike their birthname; need a fresh career start; fear fame; feel a greater sense of writing freedom; or want to differentiate works that span multiple genres. An author who wants to publish anonymously should understand its benefits and implications before beginning the process of picking a pseudonym.

Read more :

Lilith Lela Privately Investigating

Privately Investigating

Covert Operations


“History isn’t like that. History unravels gently, like an old sweater. It has been patched and darned many times, reknitted to suit different people, shoved in a box under the sink of censorship to be cut up for the dusters of propaganda, yet it always – eventually – manages to spring back into its old familar shape. History has a habit of changing the people who think they are changing it. History always has a few tricks up its frayed sleeve. It’s been around a long time.” ~ Terry Pratchett, Mort

Counter Intelligence

“Don’t put your trust in revolutions. Some of them always come around again. That’s why they’re called revolutions.” ~ Quote adapted from a quote by Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

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