White body supremacy isolated: A Wake-Up Call to End the Racist “War on Drugs”

White supremacy is being isolated !


Former Racist Reveals Why Some White People Fear African Americans

“Nowhere can Justice live where liberation does not also breath.” ~ america-wakiewakie:

Black and white citizens alike refuse to admit the systemic racism institutionalized in American culture, many cower in fear of even researching the issue past the titles of articles, or entertaining the idea at all. The whole Damn White Supremacist System is Guilty as Hell ! The war on drugs by design, decimates communities of color, breaks apart families and brings violence into already poverty-stricken neighborhoods.The educational, Healthcare, financial systems as well as religious institutions work incline to the determent of Their African American citizenry. The whole of the system need be indicted.

This 4/20 Should Be a Wake-Up Call to End the Racist “War on Drugs”

Monday, 20 April 2015 00:00 by TRUTHOUT:

The war on drugs isn’t a war on drugs. It’s a war on people, and this weekend it claimed its latest victim.

On Sunday morning, exactly one week after an encounter with police left him with 80 percent of his spine severed at his neck, Baltimore Resident Freddie Gray died at a local hospital.

He was just 27 years old.

See more news and opinion from Thom Hartmann at Truthout here.

At this time, we still don’t know exactly how Gray suffered his “catastrophic” injuries, but video from the moment of his arrest shows him screaming out in pain, and according to family lawyer William Murphy, he was detained at a nearby police station for more than an hour before medics were finally called.

Something bad happened, and it’s hopefully only a matter of time before we find out what.

To make matters worse, Baltimore police officials admitted today that the reasons for Gray’s arrest are still “vague,” and that cops probably just thought that he was “immediately involved or had been recently involved in criminal activity.”

In other words, Freddie Gray was probably just guilty of being Black in a neighborhood known for its drug problems.

See more news and opinion from Thom Hartmann at Truthout here.


‘The whole Damn System is Guilty as Hell and Racist for sure, 6 Rules for Allies’

6 Rules for Allies

The video above points out the obvious, offers solutions and perceives consequences.

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