Moral Imperative to Global Moral Compass

Israels mental stability is waning, as the moral imperative shifts the global moral compass from within as well as outside of Palestine occupied lands. The Mental health issues here are obvious, God is a real estate agent.

You can’t ask that! You can’t even think that out loud, at least not in Europe where laws against free speech prevent it. Any criticism or questioning of Israel is likely to get you labeled an “anti-Semite” or pro-Palestinian, and that’s a crime. Just ask the British Parliament. But this is the U.S., so let’s quote active Israeli Army General Golan, who is engaged in exterminating Palestinians. On the eve he gave his honest assessment of what Israel is doing, comparing modern Israel to Nazi Germany (Jewish Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now!)

Solidarity Palestine – The Moral Imperatives Plea to The Global Moral Compass

(May 4, 2016) An Israeli Army general has compared modern-day Israel to “nauseating trends” in 1930s Germany.

The Israeli military’s deputy chief of staff, Major General Yair Golan, made the remarks Wednesday evening on Holocaust Remembrance Day, saying:

“After all, there is nothing simpler and easier than hating the foreigner, there is nothing easier and simpler than arousing fears and intimidating, there is nothing easier and simpler than becoming bestial, forgoing principles and becoming smug.”

Following a firestorm, he was forced to walk back the comments, saying he had not “intended to compare Israel to Nazi Germany.”
More Democracy Now –…

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Israel strives for pity as it rules (
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we call to mind how a racist, fascist police state got carried away: ethnic cleansing, genocide, white supremacy, mass murder. Not only Jews, but undesirables, gypsies, gays, and intellectuals were systematically spied on, picked up by some secret police (Gestapo or Mossad), and disappeared.
Do similar things happen in modern Palestine as Europeans and others attempt to convert it into the “State of Israel,” the official name for a non-state without a constitution and large open-air prisons? That question cannot be asked! That comparison cannot even be hinted at! It’s anti-Semitic! Or so we are told, only no one told this Israeli Army General Golan.

Israeli teens’ mental health worsens when Arab-Israeli conflict does

Long conflict — especially drawn out periods of terrorism — wears on teen psyche, 14-year study shows

August 4, 2014
The results emphasize that Israel’s violent environment puts its teens at risk for mental health problems, the researchers say. The fallout from the accumulated trauma goes well beyond post-traumatic stress disorder and may include a wide range of disorders, psychological symptoms, and developmental impairment, they say. -The Times of Israel

Gaza’s Mental-Health Crisis and the Trauma of Permanent War

On the anniversary of the 2014 war, Gaza’s kids are still trying to recover from years of cascading violence.

The issue of empathy is important here too. One of the most dangerous aspects of group identity is what psychologists call ‘moral exclusion.’ This happens when we withdraw moral and human rights to other groups, and deny them respect and justice. Moral standards are only applied to members of our own group. We exclude members of other groups from our ‘moral community,’ and it becomes all too easy for us to exploit, oppress, and even kill them. -Psychology Today

IDF General’s Son: If Israel Doesn’t Like Rockets, Decolonize Palestine | Interview with Miko Peled

Published on Jul 8, 2014

Abby Martin interviews peace activist and author, Miko Peled on the latest violence gripping Gaza, following the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers and the militarized response by Israel’s defense forces.
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