Neanderthal like arrogance of Blackface in America today

The hopeless, uncaring and couldn’t careless Neanderthalish arrogance of constant acts of blackface degradation, even within the fragile juvenile participation sphere, speaks for the nation to its colored population, consistently, over and over again, we stole you, we stole your property, your not included and our apologies are hollow.
∴ 31 March, 2019 on last years blackface insanity.

School apologizes over students with blackface in 2nd grade play

By: Lauren Pozen


Blackface 2nd grade

ATLANTA – Parents of some second graders are furious after their children performed a play with blackface masks at school.

The school has apologized and is now trying to right their wrong.

Some parents told Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen they were so upset, they went straight to social media to express their frustration.

Out of that came a meeting on Friday afternoon with parents and staff.

One mother told Pozen that the incident was wrong and hurtful.

“We immediately recognized the masks as blackface,” mother Ari Lima said.

Second graders at the Kindezi School at Old Fourth Ward wore paper masks over their faces during a black history performance of Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem “We Wear the Mask.”

Video of the performance was posted on Facebook by a mother and it sparked outrage.

A fourth grader said the performance upset her.

“I saw some people laughing at it and they thought it was like a comedy,” fourth grader Knasaiah Perry said.

A parent told Pozen that she and others take issue with the appropriateness of the mask and its historical context of the poem.

“It had nothing to do with blackface; Laurence Dunbar is probably rolling over somewhere because it is not contextually accurate,” Lima said.

In response to the backlash, the school apologized and held a meeting Friday evening to talk about how to move forward.

Lima said it’s a start, but it still needs work.

“There is this narrative of reshaping black face and amalgamating it so that it’s not an ugly part of our history and there’s really no ownership that the poem didn’t correlate with what we were seeing,” Lima said.  Continue Reading: >>@ wbstvAtlanta

To be honest there is a painful redundancy in having to share the thoughts of another new writer, with a new book, giving the same old accounting on racial bias’s that we have been aware of and done nothing about for at least a generation.

Fighting Racial Bias in an Age of Mass Murder: Prejudice from the Coffee Shop to Charlottesville

As avowed neo-Nazi James Alex Fields pleaded guilty Wednesday to 29 counts of hate crimes in a federal court for plowing his car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters in Charlottesville in August of 2017, we look at a new book that addresses the tragic event, as well as the rising number of race-based mass shootings, hate crimes and police shootings of unarmed men in the past several years. It also examines cases of discrimination against African Americans for simply sitting in coffee shops or trying to vacation in Airbnb-hosted homes.

Professor Jennifer Eberhardt is the author of “Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do,” about how implicit bias impacts everything from hate crimes to microaggressions in the workplace, school and community, and what we can do about it. Eberhardt is a professor of psychology at Stanford and a recipient of a 2014 MacArthur “genius” grant.

Published on Mar 28, 2019

My Take,

a bit more subjective opposed to objective perhaps, as this one incident speaks toward a much greater problem and may amount to the moral imperative beckoning out for a greater moral community and it’s own reckoning.
The systemic and Institutionalized racism and racial degradation in the US is often pawned off on the individuals degradated themselves enough to perform these small and not so small arbitrary acts of hatred and bigotry, while the policies and procedures that actually support and encourage this life-negating belligerence are largely ignored in any problem solving capacity by the mainstream media and thus the greater population regardless of class or color. So implicit and explicit bias runs ramped and even captures the minds of Americans of color.
This behavior is taught at home, codified and encouraged by affluent private interest, government institutions, corporate America and the mainstream legacy media trough the demonetization of people of color and small racial deference’s, opposed to more distinct differences in class or a celebration of our over whelming similarities compared and serves to foster the criminalization and a subsequent over all otherization of much of the US population of color and stinks to high heaven.
We have their leader

We are what we eat, consume and digest, wither it be nourishing or not for the mind or body extensions of Soul.

Human Capital or Pseudo-Capitalist Wage Slaves

It’s dawns on me that I am not sure if, it is well known to pseudo-capitalist today that slaves were the human capital that made capitalism. Although with surety I’m certain that it’s not so well known or readily recognized by pseudo-capitalist today, probably due to cognitive dissonance, that human capital continues to sustain capitalism today but under what name?

Wage Slaves

We know the conditions of coercion we serve under well enough, but not that it’s a thing, not that it’s always been a thing and surely not that it’s not normal. Similar to serfs suffering brutal feudalism, accepting their station of serfdom, while bowing in acquiescence to their lords and kings, we can’t see the forest for the trees, labels and terms like, Pseudo-capitalist wage slave, cognizent wage slave, debt slave or prison chattel slave don’t stick to us, as we are capitalist.

The politics of divide and conquer, has spun much of the US population into actually believing they are capitalist, capitalizing off a non-existent free-market. They are not capitalist, they are what I like to call, pseudo-capitalist wage slaves, as  they believe with all their heart that they are capitalist, when they are actually wage slaves being very much exploited by not only ruthless capitalist but more so a  system of capitalism termed ‘Savage’.


 Mike Leung on Slavery and The Abolition of Human rentals


Published on Mar 13, 2012
Mike Leung of the proposed Worker Cooperative Federal Credit Union, and Abolish Human rentals discusses financing and worker cooperatives.

Quite a few years back now, in reply to me mentioning or proclaiming that “I’m not a capitalist,” a young friend quickly admonished back that “if your not a capitalist, your being exploited by capitalism.” I very much agreed and very much agree we are all, mid 90% of us, only human capital being coerced and exploited from cradle to grave without a high fraudulent clue of how the contract driven, representative democracy instituted and run capitalist system, we adore so and fully align with is enslaving us.

Capitalism reformed from whips and chains, to participate or starve coercion of human capital, is supposed to be a kinder gentler slavery but turns out to be an exponentially more brutal fascism inside the cup and anything from delusional free market capitalism, to a disorientating, holographic corporatism on the outside of said tea cup full of muck.

George jackson fascism one word

“Capitalism needs economic coercion for its job market to function” (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: OCAP)

In a previous post, I pointed out that the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) explicitly indicated that economic coercion or force is a basic condition for capitalism to continue to exist (Basic Income: A Critique of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty’s Stance ).  The following quote agrees with OCAP in so far as economic coercion or economic blackmail characterizes modern capitalist society, but Kay implies that, as a consequence, it is necessary to redefine the nature of poverty. Many social-reformist organizations define poverty exclusively in terms of the level of income, with the poverty line (defined according to a certain level of income) separating those who are defined as poor by the social-reformist left and the rest, who are supposedly the middle class. Such a definition, according to OCAP’s own recognition of the economic coercion required in the job market, is inadequate.

Consequently, OCAP should, in accordance with its own recognition of the economic blackmail characteristic of capitalism, start to organize for the purpose of eliminating poverty conditions that require such economic blackmail. It should, in other words, start to engage in the formation of a movement for the abolition of the power of employers as a class and the corresponding economic, social and political structures.

The social-reformist left, however, will probably not acknowledge the need for a redefinition of poverty that includes the economic coercion of the vast majority of workers. They prefer to deal in platitudes, such as calling the work characteristic of economic coercion “decent work,” or reforms in employment standards and increases in the minimum wages (all necessary, of course) “fair,” or claiming that they are fighting for “economic justice” (while not engaging in any activity that moves towards abolishing the economic coercion characteristic of the capitalist job market dominated by a class of employers).

Read further on >> “Capitalism needs economic coercion for its job market to function” (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: OCAP)

Bruce lee Absorb

As toward solution,

Andrew Yang a 2020 Presidential hopeful is offering a $1000.00 a month to every citizen, no questions asked, or so no questions are asked, to mitigate the coercion of human capital and exploitative nature of this fascist Corporatocracy, run on quantitative easing endowments to a small select few, self-proclaimed chosen tribe perhaps but the wrong end of the goat for sure, so we can call it fascism or we can continue to refer to it as something it’s not and pretend that it’s doing what free market capitalism does and is not openly fascist.

Either way, I’m thinking Yang is right to feed the right end of the goat. A $1000 a month would insure that folks don’t have to make the choice between eating or sell themselves for a buck in duress. With that said, and the successful mitigation of human capital coercion, what will we call it? Surely not capitalism as we hope hazardously call corporatism capitalism today. Maybe we call it commonsense, while channeling Bruce Lee who has been quoted stating “absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, add what is uniquely  your own,” but that would require coupling with worker ownership, economic democracy, and cooperation opposed to incorporation in a big way.

Capitalism, Coercion and Modern-Day Abolition

Capitalism and Coercion

There are two core dualism’s at the heart of capitalist mythology, between consent and coercion, and freedom and force. Each derives from capitalism’s foundational principle — private property.

For capitalist theory, property is a sacrosanct extension of the self, to be disposed of only according to personal preference. In Locke’s famous phrase, it is ‘natural law’ that man be entitled to ‘life, liberty and estate’. On his understanding, no one can take another’s life, freedom or property, and that property can only be legitimately exchanged if bought or sold consensually.

This notion extends also to labour-power, which is viewed under capitalism as a property-like commodity akin to any other. Provided a worker can consent to the sale of his labour, a legitimate labour-capital exchange can be formalized in contract — just as one does with the sale of a house.

Those practices not conforming to this model of consensual, contractual exchange are seen to lie outside of capitalism. With goods, this includes theft or forceful appropriation, while with labour, it includes ‘trafficking’, ‘slavery’ or ‘forced labour’, since each boils definitionally down to the presence or absence of consent or coercion in the exchange.

Capitalism, Coercion and Modern-Day Abolition

AI Systems Reverse Engineered Using Adversarial Machine Learning

AI security expert Dawn Song warns that “adversarial machine learning” could be used to reverse-engineer systems—including those used in defense.

Song said adversarial machine learning could be used to attack just about any system built on the technology. “It’s a big problem,” she told the audience. “We need to come together to fix it.”

Adversarial machine learning involves experimentally feeding input into an algorithm to reveal the information it has been trained on, or distorting input in a way that causes the system to misbehave.

By inputting lots of images into a computer vision algorithm, for example, it is possible to reverse-engineer its functioning and ensure certain kinds of outputs, including incorrect ones. Song presented several examples of adversarial-learning trickery that her research group has explored.
by Will Knight March 25, 2019 Intelligent Machines

How malevolent machine learning could derail AI

Can your own phone be used as a weapon against you? Can your mind be controlled with weaponized technology? A Top Secret control infographic released by accident?

A weapon that causes you to hear voices?

“Voice of God” technology leaked in Gov. docs for MIND CONTROL!


Published on May 11, 2018

The Marcus Garvey Concept

We must try to make whatever viable solutions and concepts that we come across ours, taking what is useful and discarding what is not.

Marcus Garvey- Look For Me in the Whirl wind

In support of the Marcus Garvey Concept, successful in his time, adding inclusiveness, a sustainability doctrine, and dropping black nationalism, as nothing seen as black nationalism has, is, or will be allowed. They are already going on about Black Identity Extremist and with inclusiveness lending to strength, we can possibly gather funding in the fashion that the pacifying church does every Sunday. (note): When we share our ideas we gather coherence.

The Marcus Garvey Concept

Published on Jul 1, 2008

By Amefika Geuka

(note): When we share our ideas we gather coherence.

To Care and Love More !

Do you care Dr sues

The Truth as it changes, or as it has changed, is what we must understand and put into actual action today.

America is no shinning light on the hill and it’s no longer perceived as a 
shinning light on the hill, instead it heads up humanities plunge back  into darkness. On micro and macro-societal levels American and West societies in general define Psychopathy, a collective narcissism of sorts. Willfully remaining blind to our own reflection, past and present. Who we really are as a nation and what atrocities we account for or refuse to account for, binds us to medieval misconceptions, ideas and understandings. Our white supremacist mythos, systems and institutions of oppression for the vast majority, propagate our chaos. We except up as down and down as up, this way and that way but rarely the right way.

Our widely believed and beloved white European, blond haired, blue eyed, out of Africa Tarzan type Jesus, is pretend. The Christ wasn’t European or white and nor was our Turkish Santa Claus. This oligarchy is Not a Democracy, nor do we have free market Capitalism and Columbus discovered nothing, except that the Africans were telling the truth of how to navigate to the new world. What we don’t know is hurting us and everyone else on the planet. The hand we refuse to bite is feeding us for the slaughter, while we marinate our own offspring in the corporate government provided bliss that is surely ignorance.

Humans can no longer be defined as monsters, beast, just the vessel, just the vehicle chaperoning the expression. The Open Minded are being reminded of the need to strengthen the expression, regardless of the physical binds and restraints of our own so called systems of governance, which war not really with us, but with nature, with love itself. We are being reminded that we are that nature that our systems war against, we are love.

All of which serves to remind, regardless of the journey, spirit, mind to body or body, mind to spirit, the object is the Expression, to Care and to Love More !

Plugging around for like 50 years now and it’s still All GOD the CREATOR is still creating, peace !

Principle #8: The Lost Principle of CARE

(Click thru:)

Care Lost Principle

Dum Diversas 1452 Declaration of War, Perpetual Servitude

Papal bull Euorpean Military history

Pic – European Center of Military History

This Papal Bull is a declaration of perpetual war.

Dum Diversas 1452. The reason why your parents were enslaved.

 Published on Aug 4, 2016

Invaders (Meech Da Shredda) Dum Diversas. The reason why your parents were enslaved. This video breifly outlines the papal bull (decree) Dum Diversas issued by the Pope in 1454, this authorized your parents to be held in ‘perpetual slavery’ using Christianity, it highlights how the Spanish came unto the Americas acting as the son of god and immortals with their religious falsehood in order to enslave you. It highlights how people were captured from various places like Florida etc..and sent into slavery to the Spanish mines in South America. It highlights the inhabitants from the 1500’s with the first foray into Florida, they knew ‘black men’ to be there who they labelled the seed of Africans, they don’t know where they came from. The video shows of the negro Moor guide Estevanico who came with the Spaniads to seek out people in new territories.…http://unamsanctamcatholicam.blogspot… Cosmography In Four Books, Containing The Chorography and History Of The World:… A Geographical Dictionary, Representing the Present and Ancient Names of All the Countries, Provinces, Remarkable Cities …, And Rivers of the Whole World: Their Distances, Longitudes and Latitudes – Edmund Bohun (page 223)… The Discovery and conquest of Terra Florida by Don Ferdinando de Soto and six hundred Spaniards, his Followers written by a gentleman of Elvas employed in all the action and translated out of the Portuguese… Ferdinando De Soto… Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón… Negro-peon Moor who was the guide for the Marcos de Niza…

– Professor Robert Miller: The Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny

– Why Papal Bull Claiming Dominion Over You Still Matters (click thru:)

Papal Bull Dum Diversas Perpetual slavery War

Barbara Sizemore: True American History

Published on Mar 22, 2010

How to Build a Place-Based Economy Where You Live

In the face of overwhelming forecasts of collapse, doom and gloom, those already transitioning to the new say, “who cares,, get on with it.”

How can communities rethink ownership to remedy poverty? In this powerful talk, Eric Kornacki shares the story of his journey carrying lessons learned from Central American sweatshops to empower the transformation of a now-gentrifying neighborhood gripped in poverty in his hometown of Denver.

How to Build a Place-Based Economy Where You Live | Eric Kornacki | TEDxMileHigh

Singularity is Near… Factoring Exponential Growth 2016

Singularity is Near… 2016 Documentary

A Fickle or Assumed Consent of the governed

In political philosophy, the phrase consent of the governed refers to the idea that a government‘s legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and legal when consented to by the people or society over which that political power is exercised. This theory of consent is historically contrasted to the divine right of kings and has often been invoked against the legitimacy of colonialism. Article 21 of the United Nation’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government”.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ‘Consent of the governed’


The Consent Of The Governed – The Myth Of Consent – Larken Rose

Real History series; Origins of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America.

How the crown, vatican and other supremacist divided humanity in their diabolically wicked attempt to conquer and rule the world.

The Invention of the White Race (Verso Books) by Theodore W. Allen
with special emphasis on Vol. II: The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America.

Jeffrey B. Perry on Theodore W. Allen, The Invention of the White Race, and U. S. Labor History